- Lack of focus on how to advance your business

- Leadership is not united in defining business success

- Lack of clear organization-wide understanding of its role in the marketplace


We have special expertise in

  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Systems
  • Process Improvement
  • Information Management Systems
  • Compliance to Multiple Standards, Including ISO 9001 and 14001
  • Coaching teams on making their business more efficient and effective

JWelles & Associates uses proven approaches to change your organization's challenges into improved performance 

We save you

time, effort and money by showing you how to be more efficient and profitable.


- Internal disorganization: data entry errors, bottlenecks, delays, redoing work

- Difficulty identifying the source of problems

- Not consistently meeting  customers, patients (healthcare) or stakeholders' requirements

- Employee dissatisfaction


- Difficulty tracking and maintaining information and records

- Valuable, vital and essential information is disorganized or does not exist; employees have to search for information, often unsuccessfully

- Employees unsure of the information's latest version: e.g. policies, procedures and records


- Employees are performing activities differently or inconsistently

- Training is ineffective

- Employees are frequently seek  verbal instruction or confirmation for an activity

-Difficulty making improvements to your processes

What is your business challenge?

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